I, Dok­tor Fíese, have cre­ated FÍESE-INTERNATIONAL with my bare hands out of the world’s void!

Secretly, I develop my newest creations.

I have the power to trans­form all things.

It’s ME, who cre­ates life itself. I lead you — in the name of science!

Here I reveal my newest work and you are wel­come — No! left behind to wit­ness the rein of my free reign.




  • See into my work! Watch “DONPLUSULTRA — Im Bann des Dok­tor Fíese”!
  • Expe­ri­ence and mar­vel at my show­band DONPLUSULTRA
  • Become a mem­ber of my machine!



The engine is run­ning!
The machine has started.

I’m the mother! It is insane!! Here I play god!


Fol­low me! Dri­ven by the power of the injected char­ac­ter, in a new spir­i­tual light of the future — For­ward on to con­quer new and undreamt frontiers!